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2Nov 2021

How I automate Productivity using Session and ActionScript

I have to focus on important tasks throughout the day and I find I can get distracted easily, as a YouTube and Dev Advocate there are plenty of excuses to open Twitter, TikTok or YouTube. I use Session and AppleScript to automate this.

1Nov 2021

My short experience with Netlify

My experience with Netlify was short lived, in fact, under 36 hours before I returned to Vercel. This post describes how, and what happened to make me returned so quickly.

31Oct 2021

How to automate your PRs

When using static sites like Next, Hugo or Astro sometimes you want to use a seperate branch and then deploy it at a particular time. I have built a few automated workflows so here is how

30Oct 2021

How I setup Next.js Projects

I create 100s of Next projects a year, and I have a particular way of setting everything up. It might be for you, it might not.

29Oct 2021

How to open a link in a new tab

Next Link has made links easier for developers, but what if you need to open a external link in a new tab?

28Oct 2021

DaisyUI - Make Tailwind components with ease!

DaisyUI allows you to bring the power of tailwind into clean concise components.

7Oct 2021

Roll Your Tweet Is Live!

Roll your Tweet my microsaas is now live!

5Oct 2021

Force Reload Next.js Pages

Sometimes you need to just force reload a page in Next.js, lets look at a couple ways you can do this!