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I bought a new macbook but it’s not what you think


Today, well I suppose yesterday… I bought a new MacBook because my Dell XPS 13 keyboard basically became useless along with a strange Wifi card issue. Now before you all get excited about my MacBook Pro Max M1 with the self cooking features, I bought a MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which was $100 off!

How did I end up here.

I decided to just embrace the MacBook as I use one for work, I have an iPad and an iPhone. So the next logically step is to use my MacBook for everything else. I also use a few apps that are either browser or Apple only for example:

  • Craft for creating Blogs, notes, scripts etc.
  • Session for my focus work

I’d rather use a native application with all the fancy features, then use a beta web application when working with note taking applications. Session on the other hand is iOS or nothing!

Why not a MacBook Pro

I don’t need a MacBook pro, yes I am a content creator who makes YouTube videos weekly but I have a powerful Desktop that will blow anything sub $3000 price point. I use it to edit, create, stream and if I feel like I want to use the MacBook on future content I can use my Elgato card to hook it up.

I am sorry to say this to all the MacBook pro lovers out there, but if you are doing web development that you can do it all on a MacBook air and save yourself a few thousand dollars or just develop on a windows machine like I have for the past 13 years.

Am I a 10x developer now?

Seriously? I have been on a windows machine for 13 years for most of my development including building my SaaS so am I a 10x developer or not?