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17Jul 2021

Adding Comments To My Blog

Comments are important to a blog, people love to engage but I did not want to pay for a service, or invade my readers with ads or tracking.

5Oct 2021

Force Reload Next.js Pages

Sometimes you need to just force reload a page in Next.js, lets look at a couple ways you can do this!

30Oct 2021

How I setup Next.js Projects

I create 100s of Next projects a year, and I have a particular way of setting everything up. It might be for you, it might not.

10Nov 2021

Dealing with Date objects in Next data fetching

When working with Data objects in ServerSideProps or StaticProps Next.js doesn't like it because they don't serailize it for performance. So you are on your own to handle it.

29Oct 2021

How to open a link in a new tab

Next Link has made links easier for developers, but what if you need to open a external link in a new tab?

7May 2021

NextJS + FaunaDB Crash Course

Welcome to my latest blog post, which is a crash course on NextJS and Fauna, in this blog post I am going to show you how to Create a Database, Read from that database and finally update the collection.

4Aug 2021


The words SSG and SSR get tossed about so frequently in the JAMStack world, today we are going to look at what they mean and what they do