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1May 2021

Create content to solidify your knowledge

Creating content on something you just learned such as a youtube video or a blog post is another way to solidify your knowledge.

17Jul 2021

Dev rel what do we do?

Developers relations / advocacy is a role that is a mix of Sales, Marketing, Developer and Educator. Our role at any company is too encourage developers to adopt a platform, but, more importantly in my opinion is making developers successful.

3Nov 2021

I bought a new macbook but it’s not what you think

Today, well I suppose yesterday… I bought a new MacBook because my Dell XPS 13 keyboard basically became useless along with a strange Wifi card issue. Now before you all get excited about my MacBook Pro Max M1 with the self cooking features... it's not what you think.

17Sep 2019

Pick a language and do something

I’ve heard and seen a lot of “What language should I pick first?” Questions in my time as a developer. It’s an interesting question that I seem to have the opposite response to most.

5Nov 2021

Should you recycle content

Early this week, I had someone tweet me and ask if I recycle my blog posts into YouTube videos. The short answer, yes. The longer answer yes but.

6Nov 2021

Tovala Oven, Smart tech that makes sense!

This is a bit of a different blog post but I had to blog about this as I was extremely impressed with a Smart “Oven”.