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Create content to solidify your knowledge

Creating content on something you just learned such as a youtube video or a blog post is another way to solidify your knowledge. It allows for a greater understanding by teaching another about the topic.

Social media / YouTube is a strange place, it shows the best of everything. I guarantee if you look at the topmost followed content creators in our industry, you will see a post or a YouTube video. This video or blog post will be error-free and edited to perfection. Insert Chef Kiss here!

As a content creator, I can tell you outside of basic JamStack content and NextJS, when I teach a topic I have spent somewhere between 1-4 weeks researching and playing with the tech before creating a YouTube video.

My skills to digest and extract details are no different than anyone else. I don't have a special skill set that allows me to become an expert in a field after only using it for one day. I play with the technology and see if I like it and do I think it would bring value to others in the industry.

If I believe in the topic or technology, I write a script, write some code and turn on the camera. Then the rest is history!

Next time you learn a topic, try writing a blog post and see how much more you retain.