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6Jan 2022

Learn how to use Firebase & Clerk.dev (CRUD)

Here we are, the new year is upon us, and if you are like me, you have set some New Year’s resolutions for yourself. Possibly learning a new language, skill or improving on the foundation that you have. What a better way to kick off the year then we with a crash course!

27Nov 2021

What I have learnt so far with Roll Your Tweet

When working with Data objects in ServerSideProps or StaticProps Next.js doesn't like it because they don't serailize it for performance. So you are on your own to handle it.

10Nov 2021

Dealing with Date objects in Next data fetching

When working with Data objects in ServerSideProps or StaticProps Next.js doesn't like it because they don't serailize it for performance. So you are on your own to handle it.

9Nov 2021

Increase your development productivity with a single node package.

git-ultimate-cloner is an absolute game changer, it allows you to clone, install open an idea and get ready to develop. This will speed your productivity up and allow you to move quickly.

8Nov 2021

The Trials of portable coding

We were traveling to TN to check out the area, and I didn’t want to take a laptop. Mostly to stop me from writing YouTube videos or working on Roll Your Tweet and enjoy my vacation away.

6Nov 2021

Tovala Oven, Smart tech that makes sense!

This is a bit of a different blog post but I had to blog about this as I was extremely impressed with a Smart “Oven”.

5Nov 2021

Should you recycle content

Early this week, I had someone tweet me and ask if I recycle my blog posts into YouTube videos. The short answer, yes. The longer answer yes but.

4Nov 2021

Supercharge your Astro Blog with comments

Astro is super powerful and allows you to make fantastic Static sites, one important feature of blogs are comments. In this post, I will go over how to add comments with Astro and Svelte.

3Nov 2021

I bought a new macbook but it’s not what you think

Today, well I suppose yesterday… I bought a new MacBook because my Dell XPS 13 keyboard basically became useless along with a strange Wifi card issue. Now before you all get excited about my MacBook Pro Max M1 with the self cooking features... it's not what you think.

2Nov 2021

How I automate Productivity using Session and AppleScript

I have to focus on important tasks throughout the day and I find I can get distracted easily, as a YouTube and Dev Advocate there are plenty of excuses to open Twitter, TikTok or YouTube. I use Session and AppleScript to automate this.

1Nov 2021

My short experience with Netlify

My experience with Netlify was short lived, in fact, under 36 hours before I returned to Vercel. This post describes how, and what happened to make me returned so quickly.

31Oct 2021

How to automate your PRs

When using static sites like Next, Hugo or Astro sometimes you want to use a seperate branch and then deploy it at a particular time. I have built a few automated workflows so here is how

30Oct 2021

How I setup Next.js Projects

I create 100s of Next projects a year, and I have a particular way of setting everything up. It might be for you, it might not.

29Oct 2021

How to open a link in a new tab

Next Link has made links easier for developers, but what if you need to open a external link in a new tab?

28Oct 2021

DaisyUI - Make Tailwind components with ease!

DaisyUI allows you to bring the power of tailwind into clean concise components.

7Oct 2021

Roll Your Tweet Is Live!

Roll your Tweet my microsaas is now live!

5Oct 2021

Force Reload Next.js Pages

Sometimes you need to just force reload a page in Next.js, lets look at a couple ways you can do this!

9Aug 2021

Developers Hangout Podcast Update

The Developers Hangout podcast has been rocking and rolling for almost two months. I've had some fantastic guests and have some even greater ones coming in the future.

4Aug 2021


The words SSG and SSR get tossed about so frequently in the JAMStack world, today we are going to look at what they mean and what they do

17Jul 2021

Adding Comments To My Blog

Comments are important to a blog, people love to engage but I did not want to pay for a service, or invade my readers with ads or tracking.

17Jul 2021

Dev rel what do we do?

Developers relations / advocacy is a role that is a mix of Sales, Marketing, Developer and Educator. Our role at any company is too encourage developers to adopt a platform, but, more importantly in my opinion is making developers successful.

3Jul 2021

Why I created Developers Hangout podcast.

Last month I created a new podcast / livestream called Developers Hangout which is a weekly livestreamed podcast where I hangout with guests and chat for 90 minutes. I thought now would be the time to how this ended up happening and why.

26Jun 2021

Why I embraced Typescript for development.

I've been very much avoiding using Typescript for quite a while, not because I don't believe in statically typed software, I spent a decade in production Java and was a certified PERL developer. I just never found a reason to use it, being a content creator and Jamstack developer for the past 3 years I have just been using JavaScript without much issue. If I ended up working on a project with typescript I just understood the system coded and moved on.

7May 2021

I treat debugging as a murder mystery

I have spent so much of my career debugging code, whether its Production code in a large scale enterprise applications or in my own personal code. Every time I start debugging I treat it as a murder mystery.

7May 2021

NextJS + FaunaDB Crash Course

Welcome to my latest blog post, which is a crash course on NextJS and Fauna, in this blog post I am going to show you how to Create a Database, Read from that database and finally update the collection.

1May 2021

Create content to solidify your knowledge

Creating content on something you just learned such as a youtube video or a blog post is another way to solidify your knowledge.

17Apr 2021

Why flag parameters suck

When coding people tend to use flag parameters to drive their functions, without considering that they absolutely suck! They cause more trouble when a you write complex functions or a codebase that is large in nature, because the readability is just terrible let me explain.

17Sep 2019

Pick a language and do something

I’ve heard and seen a lot of “What language should I pick first?” Questions in my time as a developer. It’s an interesting question that I seem to have the opposite response to most.