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Developers Hangout Podcast Update

The Developers Hangout podcast has been rocking and rolling for almost two months. I've had some fantastic guests and have some even greater ones coming in the future.

When I first started Developers Hangout podcast, I wanted it to be a live show that people could tune in to and watch. What I realized was this was not sustainable, as only a few of the thousands of developers in the world could be available at 3.30PM EST.

What is happening now?

The Developers Hangout podcast is going to go from a Livestreamed show to prerecorded. It is also getting it's own YouTube Channel, so people can watch the episodes as they wish without filling my own YouTube channel of podcast episodes.

The show now has it's own website which you can listen to the audio versions of and find show notes and links to the developers projects or socials.

What can you do to support me?

Well first leave a review if you have listened to the show on Apple podcast or wherever you listen to the show! If you aren't listening, how about considering checking it out, we have had some interesting stories so far and I think you'd learn a lot.

Considering support both the YouTube Channel and Podcast via Buy Me a Coffee.

I am looking forward to interviewing more developers, so if you have someone in mind please don't hesitate to let me know.