Did the Next.js team fumble Next.js 13 release?

When Next.js announced Next 13, they announced the release via a very shiny Apple-style keynote. So naturally, the audience "oohed" and 'aahed' at the new features and QoL fixes we have all been waiting for.

After the event, I flew home and started seeing tweets from Next.js team members with things like "Upgrade to 13 it is stable" and "Next.js 13 is stable, just the app directory is in beta". This went on for a while after the release, and it still feels like people are unsure about it.

What should they of done?

Lumping the app directory as part of the Next.js 13 release was the right decision; the wrong decision was making the keynote "Next 13" and talking entirely about the app directory for 10 minutes.

Suppose the Vercel team had done this separately after talking about Next 13 as the final thing. Then, I think people may have understood that the app directory is new, relaxed, and not ready for prime time, but upgrading to Next 13 isn't going to explode your application.

I still feel this is still a huge pain point for users of Next 13, and I see it daily trying to explain that we at Clerk support Next.js 13 and also Next.js beta app directory.