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Increase your development productivity

When working in development we spend a lot of cloning packages, installing packages and opening visual studio code. My usual workflow goes like the following:

  1. git clone
  2. cd project
  3. yarn
  4. code .
  5. yarn dev
  6. development time!

When one of my discord members cryptus_neoxys🇮🇳 told me about a project he had been working on called git-ultimate-cloner , it allowed you to clone, install packages and open visual studio code (or your favorite ide) in a single command. It hit 100k downloads this week!

How does it work?

First you install the package globally npm i -g git-ultimate-cloner and then you can use the following command:

quick clone <repository-url>

This will then do all of this work flow, allowing you to get working quickly without having to do it all manually.

Using a default directory

I develop everything in the same directory named development, git-ultimate-cloner allows you to set a default directory. Even if you open in your root directory it will always clone to that directory for example:

quick --set-folder default "C:\development\development"

Then if you need a one off directory you can do the following:

quick clone <repo-link> --folder current

You should 100% check this out, it's one of my favorite new projects and I am super proud of the discord member who created this project.