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Should you recycle content

Lately I’ve been writing blog posts every single day. You might of noticed the content output has increased, this is because I challenged to write a single post a day. I got an interesting question on Twitter which was

Do you “recycle” your blog post as YT videos? The answer was yes some of my posts get repurposed into content for YouTube. So content recycling should you? Yes!

Why content recycling is good

Content recycling is good for a number of reasons but here are the reasons I do it:

  • My audience on YouTube is not the same as my blog
  • Some people prefer written content over video content
  • Pictures say a 1000 words and something’s words say a thousand pictures.

On top of this, I want to be able to provide educational content everywhere, I know my subscribers on YouTube are looking for very specific contents around web development. Similarly my blog posts can be on a variety of topics and some people will read them and others won’t.

Cross-posting leads to cross pollinating followers, which allows you to create more content for like minded people.

Why only some of my content gets recycled

I write a lot of content, and when I am writing it, I know whether or not I want to turn it into a video. There are things I look for:

  • Is this something that I can explain using a video in 15mins or if it’s a crash course < 1hr.
  • Is this on topic and brand for my YouTube channel
  • Could a video enhance or bring the same level of quality as my blog post.

If one of those is not true it won’t be added to the list of things. I want to post on my YouTube channel.

Tell me what you think, should you recycle content that you write or should everything be seperate?