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Why I created Developers Hangout podcast

Last month I created a new podcast / livestream called Developers Hangout which is a weekly livestreamed podcast where I hangout with guests and chat for 90 minutes. I thought now would be the time to how this ended up happening and why.

Developers are humans.

I have been in the industry for 12 almost 13 years, and one thing I've noticed working in multiple segments of our industry is almost everything we talk about is code or code related. Don't believe me? Just go on Twitter, Tech-tok , Discord, LinkedIn or around your office and see what everyone is chatting about.

We are humans and this often gets lost when talking to people in the space, it's always what's the latest framework fad or cool new innovation ( I am looking at you GitHub copilot). We have hobbies outside of coding, none of us are coding from the minute our eyes open to the minute they close. We might workout, game, make fancy coffee or dinners, so why aren't we talking about it?

Developers Hangout was born

I reached out to a bunch of different developers, some I knew and some I had never talked to outside of a twitter interaction and said "Wanna hangout for 90 minutes and just chat? I am thinking of doing a livestreamed podcast where we can talk about a small amount of tech but then I wanna know about hobbies, shows, things you are doing that aren't tech". The reactions were extremely positive, people were dying to talk about things that weren't related to the latest package, role, or content they are created.

So far in the 4 episodes we've talked about interesting topics such as :

  • Lifting a truck
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tik Tok
  • Top 3 Anime shows
  • Worst jobs we've had
  • Marriage, Immigration, kids
  • Buying a house and so much more.

When I fire up the stream on Thursdays its a breath of fresh air where I get to become just a regular guy with a camera and a microphone talking to someone about everything.

Where and how can you watch / listen? Developers Hangout is on any podcast provider you want, just search "Developers Hangout". If you want to join live, you can catch it on every Thursday at 3.30pm EST and if you want to watch but can't catch it live, check it out on my YouTube channel