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Code profiles make YouTube creation easier

Code Profiles are a way of keeping your visual studio code settings and extensions separated. If you record YouTube videos or stream on Twitch you will know how important it is to zoom your window, remove distractions and increase your font. When you are done you want to do some light coding, now you have to reset everything, with code profiles, this is no longer required.

The Setup

First create a folder wherever you want to store your code profiles, I name it code_profiles and inside of that folder you want to create a folder for each type of coding you do. For me this is coding,twitch,youtube the triangle of coding.


To use your code profiles you can now use the following command:

code . --extensions-dir ~/code_profiles/casual-coding/exts/ --user-data-dir ~/code_profiles/casual-coding/data/

On first time usage you will need to set your settings, install extensions, change your themes etc but once thats done each time you need to launch it you can with that specific settings.


Set Alias for each so you just need to type in a name like casual.

alias casual='code . --extensions-dir ~/code_profiles/casual-coding/exts/ --user-data-dir ~/code_profiles/casual-coding/data/'

Then make sure you run source ~/.zshrc to reload your shell.